Basic income and a public job offer : complementary policies to reduce poverty and unemployment / Felix FitzRoy (University of St. Andrews and IZA), Jim Jin (University of St. Andrews) ; IZA, Institute of Labor Economics
VerfasserFitzRoy, Felix R. ; Jin, Jim Y.
KörperschaftForschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der Arbeit
ErschienenBonn : IZA, September 2017
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SeriePolicy paper ; no. 133
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Basic income and a public job offer [0.68 mb]
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Unconditional basic income, or a job guarantee by government as employer-of-last-resort, are usually discussed as alternative policies, though the first does not provide the benefits of an earned income and a good job to the growing numbers in precarious- or underemployment, while the second fails to assist those who would prefer to remain in selfemployment or particular occupations if their incomes were higher, rather than to work under a JG. Furthermore a JG cannot support those who are unwilling to work. We argue here that the only cost-effective policy for comprehensive welfare is a combination of a modest basic income with job offer by local authorities below the minimum wage.