Employment discrimination in a former Soviet Union Republic : evidence from a field experiment / Muhammad Asali (Tbilisi State University and IZA), Norberto Pignatti (Tbilisi State University and IZA), Sophiko Skhirtladze (Tbilisi State University) ; IZA Institute of Labor Economics
VerfasserAsali, Muhammad ; Pignatti, Norberto ; Skhirtladze, Sophiko
KörperschaftForschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der Arbeit
ErschienenBonn, Germany : IZA Institute of Labor Economics, September 2017
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SerieDiscussion paper ; no. 11056
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Employment discrimination in a former Soviet Union Republic [0.63 mb]
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We provide the first experimental evidence about ethnic discrimination in the labor market in Georgia. We randomly assign Georgian and non-Georgian, male and female, names to similar resumes and apply for jobs as advertised in help-wanted web sites in Georgia. We find that gender has no effect on the probability of callback, but a job applicant who is ethnic Georgian is twice more likely to be called for a job interview than an equally skilled ethnic non-Georgian (Azeri or Armenian). The almost 100% gap in callbacks is statistically significant and cannot be abridged by having more experience or education. Both tastebased discrimination and statistical discrimination models are consistent with the evidence provided in this study. Labor market discrimination tends to aggravate in economic busts.